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Welcome to the Lorgeril website

Maison Lorgeril, Maison familiale de vinsWe are Nicolas and Miren de Lorgeril. We make wines on terroirs set at altitude in the Mediterranean area of southern France.

As simply as possible, the two of us will outline our family history, attempt to share our philosophy with you, describe our company and the people who work here, and tell you all about the work that goes into our wines in order to make our personal signature worthy of your confidence.

You can then explore this site and discover our terroirs, our estates and our wines, browse at your own pace, and hopefully find what you are looking for: a wine or several wines, a holiday in one of our gites, the address of our restaurant at Pennautier, our conference and function rooms, our shop…

Nicolas & Miren de Lorgeril


Thunderstorms & Hail

08/07/2014Thunderstorms & Hail

On Sunday 6th July, heavy thunderstorms and hail hit our region and unfortunately some of our vineyards as well

New Medals

08/05/2014New Medals

We get new medals!

Maison et Vignobles Lorgeril, la famille des châteaux du Sud de la France.

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